Virginie del Corral, artist, painter and decorator, holder of the title of Décor
Painter in “Ancestral and Contemporary Techniques”, created DelcOcréation in

Experienced professional artist specializing in the creation and realization of
painted decors and murals; she masters lots of different techniques, which allows
her to respond to the many demands her various clients have, whether they are
individuals, contractors or decorators as well as government agencies.

Her approach combines traditional artistic expertise as well as experimenting
with new materials to integrate in the current decoration trends.

Each artistic experience, each documented research is an opportunity to create
designs and ornaments, to offer custom-made original pictorial compositions.


Storefronts and restaurant fronts Individuals’ interiors: wall murals or furniture makeover Historic and architectural Heritage: castles-museums, churches, listed heritage store facades Youth-oriented decors (nurseries, pre-schools, middle schools…).


Paint on glass for a new creation or a restoration (verre églomisé, stamped and etched lettering, paint).


DelcOcreation works in the Paris region as well as outside of Paris and abroad. However, some works can be first realized in the workshop, on canvas or on panels and then installed at the final site.

In order to complete the unique scenery, the process involves making scale models and proposing samples of materials/finishes. Thanks to a solid.

knowledge of carbon-neutral or organic products, all methods that are used are respectful of the environment. Finally, for the assignments that require teamwork, DelcOcreation uses a network of highly qualified subcontractors.